Nitimoy lives in fear. He could lose his home, his land and the ability to provide for his family. Thousands of people in Bangladesh are facing the same devastating problem.  


Nitimoy is 38 and lives in the village of Headman Para with his wife and two children, aged 16 and 12.  He is a fisherman, but also the village policeman. Their lives are challenging:  

We have a good life when we can catch fish, but when fishing is banned due to breeding, we find ourselves in a difficult situation, especially with having higher daily expenses 

Nitimoy is supposed to receive 3,500 Bangladeshi Taka (approximately £30) a month from the local government for being the village policeman, but in reality he says he doesn’t always get paid.  

Nitimoy and his family could be forced from their home because the land is registered in his father’s name. 

If our father dies, I think under the current situation we will be in big trouble.  The government has postponed the process of land registration.  As our family grows in size, the problem will become much worse because there will be many people and a shortage of land

Help Nitimoy and thousands of other families 

Your amazing donations have enabled us to protect land and livelihoods in the forests of Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. We now want to bring our expertise to Bangladesh and empower more communities to gain the land rights to their indigenous homes. Help us raise up Environmental Rights Defenders, establish our tried and tested community workshops and help all parts of society collaborate peacefully.