Building Bridges in Burundi is a 4 year project funded by the Dutch Government. It seeks to build relationships between young people across communities to help reduce violence, fear and the chance of conflict. Cord is delivering the project with 3 partners:

Red Een Kind (Help a Child)

Mensen Met Een Missie (People with a Mission)

American Friends Service Committee,

Last year we helped over 17,000 young people increase their income through savings associations and training opportunities. We also started a Transitional Justice Strategy. This helps young people to increase their knowledge and use of national and local legal systems. In addition it helps to improve communication between all those involved.

World Justice Challenge

Out of 305 entries from 118 countries, the inspiring BBB programme has qualified as one of thirty finalists in the World Justice Challenge. A leading jury of lawyers, journalists, experts and politicians will select the five winning initiatives. The competition is part of the World Justice Forum, which will take place in The Hague from May 31 to June 2 June.

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