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I’m very pleased to welcome you to our latest edition of Reflect. Connection has been something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. One of the spiritual practices I find most helpful is silence. In times of silence I often experience a tremendous sense of connection with myself, with creation and with God.

During the last year of restrictions many of us, at one time or another, have felt quite isolated. Most of us have gone for months and months without being with some of our nearest and dearest. This kind of experience has been so difficult because we’re created for connection.

It can also be difficult to relate to the kinds of situations that many of our sisters and brothers experience in the places
where Cord works. We can easily feel disconnected. For example, as we look forward to restrictions lifting, Cambodia is entering a severe lockdown. Cord’s Multi-Country Project Manager, Carlos Gallardo (who many of you will have read about in our last edition of Connect) can’t leave his apartment without written permission, even to buy food. The authorities are threatening anyone breaking the rules with beatings and long-term prison sentences. In Myanmar, although the volatile situation is slightly less tense, things are still critical. On a video call with our new Myanmar Programme Manager last week, they told me about the bomb that exploded on the road outside their apartment a few days earlier.

And yet, in spite of these vast differences in life experience, my colleagues and I have a powerful connection as we all work to make peace a reality in places where people don’t have the freedom to exercise their rights. Furthermore, I am constantly encouraged as I chat to many of you on the phone and you tell me how much you appreciate and utilise this prayer diary.

And so, although I’m sitting alone in my house typing these words, I am reminded of the profound connection between myself, you, Carlos, our Myanmar Programme Manager and everyone else who works for or benefits from the work of Cord. As you use this edition of Reflect, my prayer is that you will have a wonderful experience of connection.

Thank you for joining with us in prayer.

Nick Thorley

Fundraising Manager

Download our prayer diary Reflect here