World Water day falls within Lent on March 22nd making it the ideal time to think about what water means to us, why it is important, and how taking part in the challenge will help families suffering in Africa and Asia.

• An estimated 2.6 billion people globally lack access to adequate sanitation
• In Africa 115 people die every hour from diseases linked to poor sanitation
• Hygiene education and promotion of hand washing are simple, cost effective measures that can reduce diarrhoea cases by up to 45%
• Access to latrines raises school attendance rates for children, particularly girls

Source: World Health Organisation

Cord’s water and sanitation programme in Bujumbura province, Burundi is working to bring clean water to 140,000 people over three years. By taking the Spend a Penny Challenge you will help us to ensure even more people have access to clean water and basic sanitation – thank you!

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