Wherever we are, water, permeates every area of our lives. 

From nutrition and manufacturing to health and education,
safe water is needed in so many daily acitivites. 

Life expectancy is just 51 years. 

But if you live in Burundi, then maybe you can’t go to school because your days are spent walking miles in search of fresh water, bringing home as much as you can carry. Only to repeat the process again tomorrow. Half the population of Burundi still have no access to basic sanitation. (Over 4 million people)1 in 4 children will die from diarrhoea. 

Choosing between education OR clean water
It's not right!

Imagine the huge impact on children who no longer have to walk miles daily in search of fresh water, because the water comes to them. At school! The impact is huge and all what's needed is very simple water gravity scheme.

The children at Mukonko Primary School, below, now have one and it's changed everything. Children are at school, getting the education they deserve and water borne diseases are being reduced.

Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world, and years of conflict and warfare have ripped a path of destruction throughout a nation that could ill afford to rebuild itself. But its people are resilient, hardworking, determined and desperately seeking peace.

Helping them to provide a clean water supply for themselves – with protected water springs, latrines, gravity systems and simple hand washing devices – has already impacted tens of thousands of people.

Be part of World Water Day with Cord

On Sunday 22nd March 2015, World Water Day, we’re asking you to join us in reflecting on the part that water plays in all of our lives. A shared experience of a natural resource that transcends culture, location and nationality.

Today, every time you turn on a tap, use the bathroom, activate a washing appliance, wash a car, we’d love you to join us in marking the occasion by collecting a coin.

Our ‘Spend a Penny’ campaign offers suggestions for amounts relevant to each activity.  Whether you support us for a day, a week, or much longer, we’re sure that the experience will lead you and your family to regard water differently – the everyday things we take for granted that would mean so much to a family in Burundi and from just £8, which would supply one person with clean, fresh, disease-free water.

Your coins can be donated to Cord’s campaign – and used to protect another spring, construct another latrine or supply a school or community with water that they don’t have to spend their days journeying to collect.

Thank you for supporting us.