We’ve had a wonderful response to our Bangladesh appeal - a massive thank you to all who have generously donated so far! 

Fear in the forests 

The Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), is in southeast Bangladesh. It’s really different socially, politically and geographically from the rest of the country. 11 indigenous communities have lived here for centuries. They have a deep relationship with the environment, water and forest, depending on them for their livelihoods. 

In recent years these indigenous people have been losing their land and access to vital natural resources.  This is due to the actions of the private sector, army, government officials, political leaders and other people with authority over the CHT. As a result, their lives and livelihoods are threatened, despite legal safeguards supposedly being in place. For example, people from eight ancestral villages in Bandarban hill district are in danger of eviction because of the planned building of a five-star hotel. 

Peace and freedom for Nitimoy 

We recently wrote to you about Nitimoy. His family and thousands like them have lived on their land for generations, sustainably making a living and caring for the environment. In spite of this they are threatened with being forced from their homes and losing everything. Watch our short film at www.cord.org.uk/News/nitimoys-family-could-lose-everything 

But now, thanks to your faithful commitment to our peace-building work, Nitimoy’s family have the hope of peace and security in the future. Countless communities in this area can look forward with the same hope to a future free from fear. 

Everyone can feel safe and have a voice 

Your precious support is enabling Cord to work with a local partner called Green Hills. They are helping communities understand land laws and how to deal with the Land Office and Hill Tracts Commission. This will mean they can gain land-rights and secure their homes. Green Hills are supporting them to set up village savings groups so that they have the money for the land claim process. They will also organise learning exchange visits and share good practice and lessons learned with policy makers and the media.  They will engage with businesses and government so that they can understand the situation the communities face. All this is possible thanks to you, including the introduction of new storing and selling facilities for agricultural products – something that will boost income and economic security. 

These activities will work together so that everyone can feel safe and have a voice. They will help people to share in the benefits of economic and social development and live peacefully together. 

Nitimoy, his wife and two children are now looking forward to a very different future. Your amazing gifts have given them the hope of transformed lives. Thank you for investing in their future and in the future peace of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. 

And, if you’ve not yet donated, there’s still time! You can give the gift of hope, peace and future freedom today.