Lent has changed considerably in the last decade (at least). You can see the shift in culture as Lent lists start to include people going without technology or giving up platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. 

Here's the latest Lent list this year (Taken from Twitter, week commencing 7th feb)

1 Chocolate
2 Social Networking
3 Alcohol
4 Twitter
5 Facebook
6 Meat
7 School
8 Coffee
9 Sweets
10 Fizzy drinks

Interestingly 'Cruelty' comes in at no.13, with 'breathing' at no.84 and 'Netflix' at no.37.

Top Categories

1 Food
2 Technology
3 Smoking/Drugs/Alcohol
4 Habits
5 School/Work
6 Relationship
7 Health/Hygiene
8 Irony
9 Sex
10 Religion

A shift in culture from 2009

What are we giving up?

Some of us at Cord are planning on going without  chocolate and sugary drinks. Whilst on the other hand, one of us, Bridget, has decided to ADD something!

Bridget will be travelling through South East Asia over the Lent period and so instead she wants to record her adventure and develop a new skill by starting a Blog or creating an Instagram account. We can't wait to see what she does!

What's the loveliest or weirdest thing you've heard someone give up for Lent? Let us know in the comments box below.

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