A warm welcome to Connect Online, our new online updates for supporters and friends of Cord!

We’ve been listening to your feedback about the things you like and don’t like and, with those things in mind, we’re excited to launch our new online updates to tell you all about what Cord is up to! We've also launched our new prayer diary 'Reflect' - click here to download.

We will be sending these updates twice a year to keep you informed about the great work that Cord does, equip those who pray faithfully for us and shows how you can get involved through volunteering as well as financial giving.

As I write this introduction from my makeshift office at home, I find myself reflecting on the Coronavirus pandemic and its indiscriminate impact on us all, no matter who we are and where we live around the world. Some people have lost loved ones, some have lost their livelihoods and some people have experienced extreme loneliness resulting from social isolation.

At Cord we have been forced to adapt and change in ways we hadn’t previously imagined. However, we are grateful that we have been able to secure funding to continue our work. The incredible support of our recent appeal has also enabled us to make some short-term adjustments to projects to help the communities we work in.

When the world emerges from the Coronavirus pandemic, it will be a different place, countries’ health and economic systems will be under huge strain. Based on evidence from previous epidemics such as Ebola in West Africa, the relationship between power holders and citizens will have been negatively impacted and will likely lead to increased restrictions on many people’s freedoms.

We also know that those most vulnerable will be impacted the most. We are investing time and energy in starting to try and understand these changes so that Cord’s work can adapt in order to continue to be relevant to the communities we are working with and address the key issues people are facing.

For those who pray, please ask for wisdom and guidance as we chart the course for Cord in this uncertain environment. You can download our new Prayer Diary from the link above.

In Peace and with huge gratitude for your support,

Andy Pask, Cord CEO