When I’m no longer on this earth and can’t support Cord, I can leave a last parting gift.

Claire Toplis tells us why she’s decided to leave a gift to Cord in her Will. 

I grew up attending church in Sheffield where I was part of a youth group with 400 other young people. I became interested in mission in my late teens. This led to me serving on the Logos ship with Operation Mobilisation for two years from 1978.  

Sailing from Korea to Thailand in 1980, we encountered boats of refugees from Vietnam. The refugees were in a very poor state, so we took them on-board. There were 97 refugees, and we were a crew of only 137. Many of the refugees were highly skilled and were a great asset to our work during the next few weeks. I left the ship in Bangkok where someone stayed behind to make sure the refugees were resettled. The UK took about 60, and some went to Australia and Canada. This was the start of my interest in Vietnam and my support of Cord. I had been introduced to Cord by someone else on Logos. 

I like supporting Cord because it’s small, spends money wisely and is specific in where it works. I believe in the peace-building work - bringing people from different political and ethnic groups together. I like the projects, how they empower people through things like setting up small businesses and helping them rise out of poverty. I think it's wonderful that Cord has the courage to work in a place like Myanmar in spite of the difficulties and dangers 

I’m also inspired by the work with women and girls who are often overlooked. Cord has enabled them to link up to the leaders of their community and to put their case forward – it makes a huge difference to their lives. 

When I made my Will, I looked at the charities I support (mostly Christian ones) and just apportioned it out between them.  When I’m no longer on this earth and can’t support Cord, I can leave a last parting gift. I’d encourage other Cord supporters to consider leaving a gift to Cord in their will because it can leave something that will last, something that will go on working after they’re not here. 

To find out more about leaving a gift in your Will and to order our free legacy booklet, please email [email protected] or call 024 7708 7777.