Cord has worked with victims of war and conflict since 1967. Thanks to you, we continue to work for lasting peace, enabling people to live in the fullness of life, free from fear. 

55 years ago, a group from St Mary’s church in Leamington Spa were so moved by seeing victims of the Vietnam War, they knew they had to do something to help. Through faith, determination and courage, together with a deep commitment to prayer, Cord was born. Decades later, your support enables Cord’s work to continue throughout Southeast Asia and Africa. Thank you for joining us on this journey.  

Your donations help us to move beyond someone’s urgent needs and build lasting change. Food, clothing and shelter are essential for someone in a refugee camp. But what happens when he or she eventually goes home? How do they deal with their psychological trauma? What if their community remains divided and violent? What if they can’t access healthcare or their children can’t go to school? How do we prevent conflict and war in the future?   

We believe peaceful relationships transform lives and communities. This means resolving conflict and developing trust between different parts of society. Last year, thanks to you, 121 local organisations received training which strengthened them to engage with local authorities. These groups are building bridges with local and national government, even in areas where tensions have been rife. 

Your support is ensuring that people can live free from the threat of violence, being wrongly arrested or being mistreated. For example, 329 Human Rights Defenders received support during 2021, including those protecting the land-rights of indigenous communities in Southeast Asia. 

When you donate to Cord, you’re investing in someone’s future. You’re investing in long-term peace, inclusion and progress. Viengsam’s story is a powerful example of one individual’s impact on her community, made possible through your generosity. 

Your gifts and prayers are achieving so much. In 2021, 100,039 people directly benefited from Cord’s projects. Thank you for bringing hope to people living in incredibly difficult circumstances. Thank you for helping to build peace. 

Last year your support meant: 

  • 2,628 people received training to resolve disputes peacefully through 126 training sessions 
  • 121 local organisations were trained, making them stronger and better at engaging with local authorities 
  • 270 representatives from local and national government attended events delivered by local organisations 
  • 90 local groups were invited to participate in policy discussions 
  • 329 Human Rights Defenders were supported, including those protecting the land-rights of indigenous communities in Southeast Asia. 
  • 359 self-help groups in Burundi are up and running, supporting people as they deal with psychological trauma and pain. 
  • 770 small businesses are providing reliable income and building trust between young entrepreneurs from different ethnic backgrounds.