Cord works in a number of countries in partnership with local organisations and with diverse communities. Each of our programmes work because we identify the root causes of conflict, tension and mistrust in every given context, allowing us to then develop an inclusive and sustainable response that meets the needs and rights of local communities in ways that are sensitive to local conflict dynamics.

Cord helps people to meet their needs and realise their rights by developing their skills, knowledge, confidence and awareness.

For example, it helps young people in countries like Burundi to develop the skills they need in order to start their own businesses. This then increases their confidence and ability to reject the use of violence in countries affected by insecurity and uncertainty. Cord also helps people that identify with different religious, political, or social groups to overcome prejudice and understand the needs and perspectives of others.

And it helps to build trust and mutual recognition between local government and communities, in countries like Cambodia and Myanmar, where decades of mistrust and violence has eroded their ability to communicate and work together.

Cord is committed to this approach, because it sees living proof that it is helping to transform conflict and build more peaceful and inclusive societies, as envisioned in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development GoalsAs an organisation that is inspired by the Christian faith, Cord’s focus on promoting inclusion, social justice, and dignity allows it to live out the Christian gospel of peace and reconciliation.

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