This February have some peace and quiet to raise money for Cord.

We're asking our supporters to take part in a sponsored silence. This could be one hour, a few hours, a whole day, of silence.

You could enjoy peace and quiet alone or involve your family, friends, bubble, church or colleagues...

Why not set a specific time and date where your household has to be completely silent?

Do you know someone who is constantly tweeting or addicted to Instagram? What about a social silence, a digital detox for a whole day?

You could ask your chatty colleagues to join you and have a peaceful hour one day of the week?

Or challenge your children or grandchildren to have a whole afternoon without talking? 

The challenge is open to everyone! You can gather sponsorship in the lead up to your event by setting up a Virgin Money Giving page or using a sponsorship form.

Money raised through our Peace & Quiet Sponsored Silence will help us work towards a future where everyone can live free from the threat of violence, being wrongly arrested or being mistreated. 

For more information or to share your ideas you can get in touch on [email protected]

Here are lots of resources to get you started...

Set up a Virgin Money Giving fundraising page here

You can use this Sponsorship Form to gather donations offline

Download this image to use in a Facebook post to let all your friends and family know about your challenge

Why not send an email or whatsapp to friends and family asking them to support and sharing your fundraising page!