Conflict exists in all societies, and happens when two or more people, or groups have, or think they have, incompatible goals.

When dealt with effectively conflict can be a force for positive change and development in society.

Poverty, inequality and unmet human rights often cause conflict to escalate.
In Countries and socities with this toxic mix, groups may use violence if they are marginalised and alienated and when there is weak State governance, the mechanisms to resolve conflict peacefully are not there and can also become violent.  The cycle here can be prolonged, and painful for many affecting livlihoods and living conditions. In turn, mistrust grows between people and the institutions who are supposed to support them.

Peacebuilding must therefore address development needs and seek to build trust between communities.

In all our work, we develop initiatives with local partners with careful consideration of the conflict context. For peacebuilding and development to be effective, the lead must come from communities and governing bodies working together.

Sustainable peace is built when people, communities and institutions work together to address the problems that cause and result from violent conflict and resolve conflict without recourse to violence.