To be an effective partner for peace in societies affected by violent conflict within Africa and Asia, by developing the capacity of local partner organisations there to help build sustainable peace.

Strategy 2012 - 2016:

We're focusing on strengthening national and local institutions by working alongside individuals, communities, organisations and networks to realise human rights, maximise the peacebuilding potential of development, and transform conflicts without recourse to violence. The strategy gives details of our global outcomes in 2016, and is available in English and French. 

Strategy 2012-2016 ENGLISH

Strategy 2012-2016 FRENCH

Our Values:

Cord is a peacebuilding organisation inspired by the Christian faith, committed to social justice and equality. We work with people of all faiths and none. Our values are at the heart of our organisation:

  • We value our human, natural and material resources, stewarding them to maximise the effectiveness of our work.
  • We work together, fostering partnerships, networks and movements for peaceful development.
  • We encourage creativity, inspire confidence and courage.
  • We are committed to, supportive of and honest with our partners and each other.
  • We learn together, valuing the lessons of our mistakes and listening for the wisdom in one another.
  • We encourage diversity as a source of creativity and a sign of peace.
  • We celebrate success and build on strengths.