On Christmas morning in 2008, one of Cord’s managers woke to find a note from his wife saying "I've twinned our loo!". It was taped to the toilet seat with a picture of a latrine in Burundi from the Cord Christmas Gift Catalogue:

And so the idea of Toilet Twinning was born!

When the initial target to twin 500 toilets in Burundi was reached in just three months, Cord joined forces with Tearfund to expand the number of countries where toilets could be twinned.  By the time Cord handed over the Toilet Twinning baton to Tearfund in 2015 so that we could focus on peacebuilding, more than 35,000 toilets in 40 countries had been twinned, and more than £2.3 million had been raised for life-saving water and sanitation work. 

Cord remains committed to Toilet Twinning and retains a seat on its governance board.  We have seen first-hand how a simple loo brings immeasurable dignity, and takes people a step along the journey towards a life of equality, hope and peace.

Visit www.toilettwinning.org for more information.