It’s time for peace. Violent conflict is a reality which affects people and communities in many countries throughout the world

1.5 billion people live in countries affected by violent conflict.

„„73% of the world’s poorest billion people live in countries that are in civil war or have recently experienced it.

„„No low-income and fragile or conflict-affected state has yet achieved a single Millennium Development Goal (MDG).
Nearly half of states emerging from conflict relapse into violence within 10 years.

„„Women and girls suffer disproportionately from violent conflict. Rape and sexual violence are recognised instruments of war. Men and boys are also victims of gender-based violence though women and girls are the primary target.

Cord strengthens national and local institutions by working alongside individuals, communities, organisations and networks. We strengthen partnerships by:

  • „„Working with civil society organisations and governments as they fulfil Millennium Development Goals, address causes of conflict and tackle underlying human rights challenges. „„
  • Promoting the use of ‘Conflict sensitive’ and ‘Rights based’ approaches to understand and analyse the context and ensure peacebuilding impacts are maximised.
  • Provoking learning by stimulating dialogue and inspiring openness between civil society organisations, government, private sector organisations and donors to understand better the context and the peacebuilding needs.
  • „„Mentoring and coaching, driven by the needs of partners, to facilitate learning and support them to solve work-based problems.