Someone leaves home every 2 seconds because of conflict

$18m is spent every minute on violence globally

30,000 refugees every day are taught in Cord Schools

125 million people every week can access Cord projects

Working for everyone everywhere to live in peace and dignity


Real stories

  • Real Story – Juliette Bucumi

    I live with 21 people, and we had no toilet. No one would visit us, the smell was too bad. With help from Cord, we have built our own latrine, welcome visitors and have had training on good hygiene practises

    – Juliette Bucumi, Burundi Read more

  • Supporter story

    People who have suffered in wars and conflicts have a vital part to play in building that peace and I have huge admiration for the way Cord works to support and empower them.

    - Gillian Cross, Author and Cord Patron Read more