Cord is an international charity working to make peace a reality where people don’t have the freedom to exercise their rights.

We work to build the relationship between those in power and local communities and our vision, mission and values are inspired by the Christian faith.



Put simply, we believe that people flourish when all parts of society work together. Peaceful relationships make that possible. The simple act of talking begins a journey of growth which transforms mistrust, includes the excluded and turns adversaries into allies.

We recognise that relationships are like seeds. They are the starting point needed to make peace a reality. It is only once trust puts down roots that you can start to tackle the issues that can lead to violence such as

poverty, denial of rights or cultural division.

We turn those seeds and roots of peace into a blossoming garden in three key ways:

  1. We provide people with new skills and confidence.
  2. We open the doors to make connections possible between key groups that were previously distanced from one another.
  3. We ensure that everyone understands their rights, responsibilities and resulting power.

Like a well-cared for garden, we cultivate the environment where peace can grow and stand fast, weathering whatever comes next.

This makes it possible for communities to have futures where its members live free from the threat of violence, being wrongly arrested or being mistreated.



As an example, our Spirit project is enabling indigenous forest communities to protect their land and livelihoods in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia by equipping and coaching people to represent themselves with authorities.

In Burundi, we’re helping to build relationships between young people across communities from different ethnic, social and political backgrounds to help reduce violence. We are also working with women, children, youth and other vulnerable groups who previously fled conflict, as they return to Burundi and attempt to settle back into their communities.

As violence continues in some areas of Myanmar, ethnic minorities suffer discrimination and people are badly treated due to their religion or beliefs. Cord is empowering Human Rights Defenders to work with the Government and local community groups to promote equality and protect the rights of all people.

Our work in Laos is helping all kinds of local groups to become more effective in their work to improve the lives of ordinary people. Cord is helping them to increase their resources and build more effective relationships with the Government. Our projects are enabling these groups to have a much bigger impact in the communities where they work.



As well as the recent changes we’ve been able to make to the Spirit project in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam in light of the coronavirus pandemic, your support helps us achieve so much.

Last year you helped 17,000 young people in Burundi to increase their income through savings associations. Marginalised members of society who are now returning home after fleeing conflict are being supported by 40 “Change Agents for Peace” to support their re-integration and 70 of their communities now have savings and loans groups.

In Laos, 72 local organisations have been coached and trained by Cord and have received small grants. This has resulted in their financial stability, releasing them to concentrate on their vital work to improve the lives of ordinary people through things like better healthcare, improved livelihoods and access to education to name a few.

The “Life” project in Myanmar concluded at the end of 2019 and has laid the foundation for future work between the government and local groups. Central to this was the manifesto on Freedom of Religion or Belief in Myanmar which was published in December 2019. The manifesto was the result of the research carried out by Cord partners and highlighted the challenges being faced by communities in relation to issues of freedom of religion or belief.

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